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Triple Protection Bracelet

Triple Protection Bracelet

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tigers eye 🖤🩶🤎

The black obsidian stone protects against toxic behaviors and misfortune. If you're suffering from shadow traits such as addiction, violence, and anger, this stone can help you let go of those negative aspects of yourself.

The tiger's eye crystal shields against malicious intentions and the evil eye. It is said to bestow its wearer clarity so he can see through any deception. This stone also wards off the evil eye curse, the energy of envy that manifested to cause people harm.

Finally, the hematite stone transforms unwanted energy into positive vibrations. It's an excellent stone to wear if you need to purify stress or anxiety from your aura.

When you wear this protection stone bracelet, you are tapping into the power of these three crystals.

Thus, it is like having a personal force field of protection against anything negative. #jcscrystalcreations #shopsmall #tripleprotectionbracelet

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